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ode urbaine - a glimpse of urban stillness


Like an ode to our cities, my final collection invites the urban landscape into our home. A celebration of urbanity through chosen details those convey the city’s poetry in its characteristic rhythms and textures. I aim to shape a delicate collection following my own sensitivity, away from the fast paced city atmosphere. My fabrics recreate a sense of stillness and calm; a heaven of peace.

In this honest collection defined around my personal values, I am hoping not to only produce an aesthetically pleasing collection, but also invite a reflection of Western lifestyle. Indeed, considering the choice of colours and fibres that I work with, I take great care and focus to source natural fibres that have fine tactile qualities.

Fusing a poetic vision of our urban surroundings and a fair material harvest, I offer not only a respectful vision of production but propose a considered approach of consumption.